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0HE, Switched otlet level, 21xC13+3xC19, 32A, 3 faset

Input: 400V, 3 faset, blå CEE stik 
Output: 21xC13+3xC19
Type panel: Switched outlet level 
Antal faser: 3 faser
Længde: 1829mm
Typenr.: G1325

Varenummer:   G1325
Vægt:   9 Kg.
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Lev.: 3 dage
Link til producent:  Cabinet System A/S
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The G1325 -- provides hands-on control remotely. While Monitored PDUs can display information remotely, this Switched unit offers the ability to use that information and stay in control of individual power outlets. The G1325 -- manages whatever issues arise with the click of a few buttons on a smart phone or computer. Also, disable problem equipment by cutting power to specific outlets, reboot equipment remotely by turning power on and off, and save time and money by avoiding sending live technicians to the source of the issue. In addition to its switching capabilities, the unit has outlet level power monitoring for granular power consumption data of all equipment. Finally, a Max Group Amps (MGA) feature offers an extra level of protection by preventing circuit overload by letting users set the threshold for maximum number of amps threshold settings.

DCIM Enabled - The G1325 -- easily integrates with Geist DCIM software, which collects and reports critical power and environmental data for multiple PDUs in a single user interface. Users gain immediate remote access to trends, alarms and histories of devices in the data center through a standard Web browser. Geist DCIM saves both time and cost associated with managing each device individually.